On June 16th, we were blessed again to part of the Annual Hoe Down that is put on by John and Sally Leder as a fundraiser for Rehoboth. We had many volunteers and were able to make the evening a very enjoyable and successful one despite the thunderstorm at dinner time. Food for the night included pizza (oven baked on site) as an appetizer, a wonderful BBQ of pulled pork, various salads and lots of dessert. Entertainment consisted of a live band for dancing the night away and an area where target shooting was set up. Food and entertainment were both top notch and the dancing went on until late hours of the night. We are very fortunate to have so many caring staff willing to volunteer their time on a Friday night.

Thank you, John and Sally Leder — and everyone who participated!

leder-barn hoedown-band hoedown-dancers hoedown-keg-table