Miranda’s Journey Home

Our journey with Rehoboth started when Miranda was in high school. She would go to Three Hills to do volunteer work, which at the time meant she was actually working with many of the Rehoboth clients – recycling, folding bulletins at the church or visiting with elders at the nursing home. Miranda quickly became friends with the clients and at her graduation celebration decided she was moving away from home and going to live with her friends in Three Hills. Naturally Miranda had seen her brother, her sister and cousins all move out and start life independently away from home; therefore she believed this was her next step in life.

As a family we honoured Miranda’s wishes and looked into what the options were. It just so happened that Rehoboth would have a spot for Miranda to move in on August 6, 2001. Next came the decision to let her move out; after all, for a girl who at age 19 still sat on her daddy’s knee rocking before bed at night, we thought there was no way this transition was ever going to work…she would be back home in a few short days! Yes, that was over twelve-and-a-half years ago and she is still living at “home” – her home. Miranda still loves to spend the weekend in Trochu with us or in Calgary with her sister, but at the end of the weekend, she is ready to go “home”. It is so reassuring for us to know she loves her home as much as she does.

Rehoboth has been an amazing environment for Miranda to live, work and play in. All of the workers have nothing but the best of intentions for their clients and treat them with such dignity and respect. Miranda has always been “independent” in her mind, but given the structure Rehoboth has put in place for their clients she has continued to grow in all aspects of life and has blossomed as a person every day. She is more cooperative and willing to do different things, especially when in a structured, routine environment. She is more conscious of her hygiene, has good coordination of her clothing, and a better understanding of her health related issues.

Rehoboth has also been that building foundation for independence and interaction with others through fellowship. I believe Miranda, our family and the lives of others have been impacted by what Rehoboth has brought to our community. Over the years Miranda has developed her own personality, which attracts people to her, and she has such a sense of humour – especially when she is around people she is comfortable with and trusts. She is more able to carry on a conversation and takes more responsibility and interest to respond when questions are asked of her. Overall she is much more aware of what is going in around her and in her surroundings.

We are ever so grateful for the amazing program that Rehoboth offers their clients. Miranda has had the opportunity to work at various jobs in the community over the last twelve-and-a-half years, and has been supported by the workers to continue doing what she loves best – working at ‘Techno Trash” taking apart computers and stripping wires for recycling. This responsibility has given Miranda a sense of purpose in her life!

Miranda has also had the opportunity to travel to the Rehoboth camps, special trips to West Edmonton Mall and the annual Calgary Stampede, to name a few. Not to mention the workers making dreams come true by taking the clients to Disneyland – more than once! If it wasn’t for this amazing organization, Miranda and her friends wouldn’t get to experience life as they now know it to be! She has also built more confidence playing cards and building puzzles with her friends and workers, which she really enjoys doing.

On behalf of our family and I’m sure those of other clients, we want to extend a huge appreciation to all the staff at Rehoboth for touching the lives of so many by the extended care and support they provide day in and day out! 


An Individual Overcoming Challenges

Lee Anne Dec  2012 003Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. – James 1:12

LeeAnne is proof that with perseverance and tenacity, obstacles can be overcome. LeeAnne re-started services with Rehoboth in December of 2005. At that time she lived with a roommate in a duplex, but for various reasons the two had to move from this location. Changing living environments is tough on any of us, but for an individual who struggles when routine is interrupted this becomes particularly challenging. The roommates moved to an apartment in Stony Plain, where LeeAnne lived for some time. But as time went on, LeeAnne struggled to live with a roommate; she was not happy and very anxious, and it became evident that being around people all the time did not suit her character. It was decided that LeeAnne would be better off living on her own, and so she moved in to a single apartment.

Over the years LeeAnne has grown and learned techniques and skills that helped her to deal with situations that bothered her, and living alone gave LeeAnne the opportunity and the space to let these skills sink in and develop. Reducing stress for LeeAnne has allowed her to focus on other areas of her life, vocationally and socially, and to flourish.

Since LeeAnne moved into her own apartment, she has enjoyed two vacations with her family, and she interviewed and obtained a position with Rehoboth as our Edmonton Medication Delivery Person. LeeAnne is responsible to gather the medications for six programs from the office, along with any other medical supplies that have been ordered during the week, and deliver them to each program. LeeAnne is very professional and a valued member of our team; she takes her job seriously and is very good at it. LeeAnne has been successful over the last few years because of her determination. May God continue to bless her.


Flourishing Partnerships

John-Kraun-pictureJohn Krahn has been with Rehoboth Christian Ministries since 1993. Before that, he was with several different organizations. John has flourished since coming to Rehoboth. He is stable and satisfied and happy with his life.

What Rehoboth means to me

I am the legal guardian for my brother John. There is so much I appreciate about Rehoboth. Some of the specifics are that I am fully satisfied that John is getting as good care as I could wish for him. The staff are always very courteous in my dealings with them. I am kept informed regarding John’s status at all times. I am given the opportunity to participate in planning for John’s short and long term needs. With the partnership I feel with Rehoboth in looking after John, the responsibility of being the legal guardian for John is something I enjoy doing, rather than dreading.

What Rehoboth means to John

Rehoboth looks after all of the physical and developmental needs for John. John is very well looked after for all of his daily physical needs, as well as periodic medical and dental appointments and checkups. In recent years, it became necessary for John to receive some dental surgery. With the trust that Rehoboth has built up with John, he did not dread the dental work, and recovered quickly from it. Similarly, he had some medical work that was required. This was looked after very well, and he recovered quickly.

How John has grown

John is well cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually. John is by nature a quiet man, and prefers a quieter environment. He also has a soft nature and a good sense of humour. Rehoboth staff are sensitive to all of this, and accommodate his needs and moods to maximize his well-being and enjoyment. John’s parents have recently moved into Coaldale, and the staff are diligent in taking John to visit them very frequently. John really appreciates this. Whenever John is with family or other function, he always looks forward to going home. This is especially noticeable when John has been with family for a full day.



For nearly 40 years Rehoboth Camp Ministry has served campers and families with vacation and respite services.  The reason that this can occur is because of the volunteer commitment.  What happens is that campers and volunteers for one incredible week at a time get to make memories.  For the campers, families, and volunteers this out pouring of love and support is simply called “Camp”

“Camp” is one of those words that have special meaning in the lives of those who experience it.  It brings back all the emotions and feelings that were so special.  “Camp” is timeless. “Camp” is ageless. “Camp” is more than an event; “Camp” is an emotion, a feeling, a memory, a smile, and even a tear.  

“Camp” means something to our clients as well.  In particular we have 2 clients that have a special relationship with “Camp” that has developed over the past several years.

These clients are John McRea and Jack Feth.  These men love camp and if allowed would spend their entire summer at “Camp”

John works in our Stony Plain office as a Maintenance Person.  John was challenged to come to camp one year to help out with the Maintenance and upkeep of Camp during a week of Client Camp several years ago.  John reluctantly agreed and the rest as they say is history.  John fell in love with “Camp.”  During the past 5 years John has assisted the Camp Program in many ways in his capacity as a Maintenance Person.  He has been onsite to welcome the Work Bee Participants from West High school and Parkland Immanuel from Edmonton.  He has also worked at our R&R Week.  John is always ready at moment’s notice to come to Camp to work on odd jobs and pitch in.  We thank John for his love of “camp” and look forward to many more years.

Jack was a Camper at Independent Week for several years.  As Jack learned about Camp one of his personal goals was to become a Counsellor in Training.  Since that time he has worked at Camp as a Volunteer rather than a Camper.  Jack has been part of the Camp Volunteer Staff now for 5 years.  Jack enjoys the responsibility of helping our Campers to have a “good week at Camp.”  We are proud of jack and his accomplishments and look forward to having him be part of “Camp”


Connecting Across The Miles

Narley-photo-1-for-Connecting-article In more recent years modern technology has opened up a brand new world of communication. This has resulted in families who are separated by distance to be able to keep in touch via email, and now the wonderful world of Skype.

Many of our individuals in Rehoboth programs have family members who live far away, or even in other countries. We actively support individuals who desire to retain close families ties. Many want to have opportunities to communicate with their parents and siblings in a meaningful way. The advent of iPads and tablets has enabled individuals to learn a new skill, and be able to communicate face to face electronically across the miles. This experience has added a lot of excitement and a new dimension to their desire to have “face time” and flourish in their family relationships. Connecting across the miles certainly enhances the individual’s emotional well-being and ability to keep connected with their family members.