Rehoboth Christian Ministries, in Stony Plain, Alberta, offers services to our clients in many residential and vocational programs throughout the region.  We currently serve 63 people through our Residential Services Program which includes, operating 17 group homes providing our clients opportunities for personal and spiritual development in a safe environment.  Recently, we opened a group home offering specialized elements for our clients who have higher medical needs.  In addition, Rehoboth offers Respite and Relief Services to 11 more clients and their families.

The Vocational Services Program has a number of components, and serves 43 people.  Our Employment Services Program supports our clients’ efforts to find work in the community and assists them to be successful in their jobs.   The Employment Preparation Program and the Community Access Program are run out of our facility in Stony Plain and we are able to offer on the job training in our “New To You, Gently Used Clothing” store for clients to learn various work skills among other opportunities.  Another highlight of Vocational Services is our participation in ‘Connections’, a program which brings together our clients, teens from the Parkland Immanuel Christian School and the seniors from Emmanuel Home.