Supporting People Achieving Dreams

Rehoboth Christian Ministries has been establishing the vision statement of “Supporting People Achieving Dreams” throughout the province in the last few months.  In June of 2015 the Provincial Leadership Team facilitated discussion sessions, for all of Rehoboth’s regions, in an effort to assist in the promotion and understanding  of Rehoboth’s new vision statement in the context of our employees.  The “Building Workplace Culture” sessions were intended to engage our employees to build on our vision statement. Working together, Rehoboth employees identified shared core values in the work we do. Once identified, these shared values will now be employed by all our teams, to help us grow together as employees and to support the individuals we serve. 

 The “Building Workplace Culture” sessions also allowed for the opportunity to explain to our employees what that means in terms of their daily work with each other and how they support the clients they work with.  All of our employees had the opportunity to look at their individual core values in the workplace, come to a consensus with the group on the core values that are shared, and agree on how we as employees can support each other and offer support to our clients in service using these shared core values.

The manner in which we work together and serve our clients will be held up to these identified core values as we move forward, and we will hold each other accountable to the measures we have identified as the most important.  

It was an excellent experience and it was interesting working with all the Rehoboth employees to determine the core values found to be central in our work.   Together as an organization we will move forward with the principal values we identified allowing us to uphold the vision of Supporting People Achieving Dreams.