Our journey with Rehoboth started when Miranda was in high school. She would go to Three Hills to do volunteer work, which at the time meant she was actually working with many of the Rehoboth clients – recycling, folding bulletins at the church or visiting with elders at the nursing home. Miranda quickly became friends with the clients and at her graduation celebration decided she was moving away from home and going to live with her friends in Three Hills. Naturally Miranda had seen her brother, her sister and cousins all move out and start life independently away from home; therefore she believed this was her next step in life.

As a family we honoured Miranda’s wishes and looked into what the options were. It just so happened that Rehoboth would have a spot for Miranda to move in on August 6, 2001. Next came the decision to let her move out; after all, for a girl who at age 19 still sat on her daddy’s knee rocking before bed at night, we thought there was no way this transition was ever going to work…she would be back home in a few short days! Yes, that was over twelve-and-a-half years ago and she is still living at “home” – her home. Miranda still loves to spend the weekend in Trochu with us or in Calgary with her sister, but at the end of the weekend, she is ready to go “home”. It is so reassuring for us to know she loves her home as much as she does.

Rehoboth has been an amazing environment for Miranda to live, work and play in. All of the workers have nothing but the best of intentions for their clients and treat them with such dignity and respect. Miranda has always been “independent” in her mind, but given the structure Rehoboth has put in place for their clients she has continued to grow in all aspects of life and has blossomed as a person every day. She is more cooperative and willing to do different things, especially when in a structured, routine environment. She is more conscious of her hygiene, has good coordination of her clothing, and a better understanding of her health related issues.

Rehoboth has also been that building foundation for independence and interaction with others through fellowship. I believe Miranda, our family and the lives of others have been impacted by what Rehoboth has brought to our community. Over the years Miranda has developed her own personality, which attracts people to her, and she has such a sense of humour – especially when she is around people she is comfortable with and trusts. She is more able to carry on a conversation and takes more responsibility and interest to respond when questions are asked of her. Overall she is much more aware of what is going in around her and in her surroundings.

We are ever so grateful for the amazing program that Rehoboth offers their clients. Miranda has had the opportunity to work at various jobs in the community over the last twelve-and-a-half years, and has been supported by the workers to continue doing what she loves best – working at ‘Techno Trash” taking apart computers and stripping wires for recycling. This responsibility has given Miranda a sense of purpose in her life!

Miranda has also had the opportunity to travel to the Rehoboth camps, special trips to West Edmonton Mall and the annual Calgary Stampede, to name a few. Not to mention the workers making dreams come true by taking the clients to Disneyland – more than once! If it wasn’t for this amazing organization, Miranda and her friends wouldn’t get to experience life as they now know it to be! She has also built more confidence playing cards and building puzzles with her friends and workers, which she really enjoys doing.

On behalf of our family and I’m sure those of other clients, we want to extend a huge appreciation to all the staff at Rehoboth for touching the lives of so many by the extended care and support they provide day in and day out!