Making Rehoboth Stronger and Healthier

As an organization that always works to be stronger and healthier to better support the individuals we serve, Rehoboth has made recent changes to how we govern and operate.

The Rehoboth Board of Directors, representing our society of members, has come to embrace its role in directing and governing as a board focused on results, advocacy, policy and its constituents.

Operationally, our regional directors have worked tirelessly to become a more united, forward-looking leadership team. To foster this, they have moved into new roles, each with province-wide responsibilities rather than regional ones. With an eye on consistent quality service delivery across all five regions in which Rehoboth operates, we will be able to help the individuals we support flourish even more than before. And, we can plan effectively and sustainably for a bright future.

Director Name and Former Role New Role
Alex Hann, Regional Director, Coaldale Director of Vocational Services
Karen Faint, Regional Director, Calgary Director of Residential Services
Debbie Dietz, Regional Director, Three Hills Director of Asset Management
Janice Gerbrandt, Regional Director, Stony Plain Director of Corporate Services
Ron Bos, Executive Director Executive Director, Director of Public Relations


Our Residential and Vocational Programs will be led by three managers who will oversee programs and teams in day-to-day operations.

Manager Responsibility in Region
Aurea Centeno, Client Services Manager Calgary Region and Central Region
Cindy Beyers, Client Services Manager Edmonton Region and Northwest Region
Cindy Steenbergen, Client Services Manager South Region


If you wish to learn more about Rehoboth Christian Ministries, please contact Ron Bos at 780-968-8481 or