From a governance perspective, Rehoboth Christian Ministries is led by a Board of Directors, whose members are elected to three year terms by the Society. Currently, the board is comprised of:

Brian de Haan President Edmonton
Johan Knol Vice President Coalhurst
Stefan Dykema Treasurer Calgary
Alex Van Geest Secretary Ponoka
Henry Van Steenbergen Director Edmonton
Brian Stoutjesdyk Director Lethbridge
Janet Postma Director Red Deer
Sheldon Kok Director St. Albert
Wendy Abma Director Calgary



Operationally, leadership is provided by:

Executive Director
  • Debbie Dietz
Director of Asset Management
  • Karen Faint
Director of Residential Client Services
  • Janice Gerbrandt
Director of Corporate Services
  • Alex Hann
Director of Vocational Client Services