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Gifts in a Will through a “Child named Charity”

Seeking advice on gift planning in your will can benefit you through tax savings as well as benefit your favourite charities. There are many ways to give to charity including what is termed as bequest giving or gifts in a will. There are also different ways to make a bequest. Two of the more common are by designating a specific dollar amount, or a percentage of your estate, to one or more charities in your will. If you have not yet made a will, or are in need of updating your will, consider doing so with the help of Christian Stewardship Services. They can advise on customized estate plans that will benefit your successors and honour the charitable organizations that are important to you.

Another way to make a bequest is to name a child called “Charity” in your will. It’s simple to create. Whether the charity child is your only child or an additional child to your will there are positive effects for your estate and for your charities of choice. The donor provides a gift (equal to a child’s share of one’s estate) to be divided amongst the donor’s favourite causes. Christian Stewardship Services may be named in your will as the beneficiary of the child called “Charity”. In turn you create a letter of direction with Christian Stewardship Services (CSS) outlining which charities will benefit from your estate and CSS will distribute these gifts. As a donor you can change the letter of direction at any time. This provides the additional benefit of anonymity and eases the Executor/rix’s role. CSS can assist donors in designing a will or a planned gift that is most appropriate for your situation through a personal visit that is at no cost to you as a support of ICS.

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