John-Kraun-pictureJohn Krahn has been with Rehoboth Christian Ministries since 1993. Before that, he was with several different organizations. John has flourished since coming to Rehoboth. He is stable and satisfied and happy with his life.

What Rehoboth means to me

I am the legal guardian for my brother John. There is so much I appreciate about Rehoboth. Some of the specifics are that I am fully satisfied that John is getting as good care as I could wish for him. The staff are always very courteous in my dealings with them. I am kept informed regarding John’s status at all times. I am given the opportunity to participate in planning for John’s short and long term needs. With the partnership I feel with Rehoboth in looking after John, the responsibility of being the legal guardian for John is something I enjoy doing, rather than dreading.

What Rehoboth means to John

Rehoboth looks after all of the physical and developmental needs for John. John is very well looked after for all of his daily physical needs, as well as periodic medical and dental appointments and checkups. In recent years, it became necessary for John to receive some dental surgery. With the trust that Rehoboth has built up with John, he did not dread the dental work, and recovered quickly from it. Similarly, he had some medical work that was required. This was looked after very well, and he recovered quickly.

How John has grown

John is well cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually. John is by nature a quiet man, and prefers a quieter environment. He also has a soft nature and a good sense of humour. Rehoboth staff are sensitive to all of this, and accommodate his needs and moods to maximize his well-being and enjoyment. John’s parents have recently moved into Coaldale, and the staff are diligent in taking John to visit them very frequently. John really appreciates this. Whenever John is with family or other function, he always looks forward to going home. This is especially noticeable when John has been with family for a full day.