18th Annual Leder Hoe Down

Saddle Up! for the 18th Annual Hoe Down at the Leder Barn

All proceeds to Rehoboth – Serving people with disabilities. Helping them flourish.


*   Friday June 14th *   6pm Watering hole  *   7pm Chow  *

*  $40 a Plate  *  Tax Receipt over $40   * 
by June 3


The Hoe Down is sure to be a hoot with music, cash bar, raffles, prizes, overnight camping & a campfire sing along to end the night.


Raffles! 50/50! Wine&Dine! Oilers!


Wine Tree – Bring a bottle with the chance to win them all. Bring a bottle, get 2 wine tree raffle tickets.
Chicken Poop Bingo – 50/50 Tickets. Get your stink on.​
Dinner is Served – Two separate raffles for a private, 8 person dining experience with your friends. First served dinner, wine, and you take home everything on the table right down to your plate and the candles.
Heads/Tails game of chance – Winner takes home 4 Oilers tickets for 2020 season


We sincerely hope you can make it out. Bring your friends, dosey-doe, and give back by making a difference for a community who truly relies on our support.

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