Charity Day – January 27

Charity Days at Park Lighting (Edmonton) and Cartwright Lighting (Calgary) are held several times each year. One hundred percent of sales on these four days are donated to named charities.

Saturday, January 27 is Rehoboth Charity Day! Over the years, Park Lighting and Cartwright Lighting sales donations have enabled Rehoboth to:

  • Renovate and make improvements to our Stony Plain and Calgary facilities
  • Build two new large cabins at camp
  • purchase a new group home
  • help build the new mess hall and kitchen at camp
  • make safety improvements in our group homes
  • and much more!

Rehoboth Christian Ministries is filled with gratitude toward the management and staff of Park Lighting and Cartwright Lighting, and to all who will shop during Rehoboth Charity Day on January 27!