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Job Description

Main Purpose

Through a Christian perspective, enable clients to pursue and achieve a better quality of life, empowering them to flourish.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provides personal and health care services, while promoting client independence
  • Administers client medications according to Rehoboth’s Medication System and Administration Protocol
  • Support clients with grocery shopping and menu planning (residential and SIL programs)
  • Accompanies to client’s professional appointments when requested
  • Communicates with clients using augmentative communication systems or spoken English depending on the communication need of the client
  • Participates in the development and implementation of person‐centered plans designed to support and assist clients as specified in the General Functioning Information, Personal Information, Individual Life Direction, Action Plans and Behaviour Support Plans
  • Provides personal and health care services, while promoting client independence
  • Coordinates community access and transportation needs with clients, maximizing client participation and community inclusion
  • Advocate for clients they support, promoting self-advocacy and independence
  • Establishes and maintains professional, timely, accurate and respectful communication and relationships with clients, families/guardians, natural supports community and other staff
  • Liaison between Rehoboth and community stakeholders (employers, physicians, dentist, volunteer coordinators)
  • Provide ongoing feedback and documentation regarding skill development and required resources to support goal attainment and aspirations
  • Maintains and updates required documentation and reports in accordance with the Rehoboth’s policies and procedures
  • Documents outcomes of client’s professional appointments as required
  • Responsible for monitoring the spending and reconciliation of client funds
  • Attends and participates in all required meetings as requested by Team Leader
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Authority & Scope of Operations

The Community Disability Services Worker reports to the Team Leader. The CDSW is responsible for the supervision, work and home life skill development, and social skill development of the client. This person works primarily within a team setting, however, may also work independently within a program or through community access. This is front line position that has responsibility to support and facilitate the development of skills and competencies that will assist clients to pursue and fulfill their goals, objectives and aspirations.

Skills Required

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Equivalent of High School education from a recognized institution (or currently enrolled in High School)
  • Proficient command/comprehension of the English language
  • Police Information Check that does not disqualify you from employment
  • Computer literacy and proficiency in the use of basic office applications
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR Additional Qualifications:
  • Medication AdministrationTraining
  • Abuse Prevention & Response Protocol
  • Client Rights▪Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training
  • Class Four License to drive corporate vehicles or One-million-dollar liability insurance on personal vehicle (when applicable)
  • Community Disability Studies Certificate or related Human Service Education
  • Foundations Certificate
  • Open Futures Learning courses
Physical Demands:
  • Physical supports to individuals; including, but not limited to, pushing a wheelchair, lifts and transfers,as required
  • Physical control dynamics trained through Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • Driving a personal or Rehoboth vehicle
  • Light household and / or work duties
  • Daily light maintenance duties (lawn cutting shoveling snow)
  • Standing,sitting,crouching and walking for extended periods of time
  • Must be able to perform Medium Work as per the WCB definition of physical demands (exertingup to 22.7 Kg (50 lbs) of force occasionally and/or up to 9.1 kg (20 lbs) of force frequently and/or up to 4.5 kg (10 lbs) force constantly
Years of Experience:
  • Less than six months of progressive, relevant experience working with persons with disabilities
  • Ability to work effectively in a collaborative, team‐orientated work environment
  • Basic observation and interpretive skills
  • Effective communication skills. Effective time and priority management skills
  • Basic coaching and mentoring skills
Hours of Work:
  • 100% Direct Service; dependant on position (days, evenings, overnight, weekends)
  • Scheduled hours as per offer of employment
Clients with Complex Needs:

Applicant must have:

  • One year formal education in a related field such as Community Disability Studies, Child and Youth Care, Community Mental Health Certificate, etc. & at least 1 year of experience with complex needs
  • In the absence of education, two years of experience with complex needs
  • In the absence of education and two years of experience with complex needs, five years in the community disability sector
  • Validated: Community Disability Studies, Child and Youth Care, Community Mental Health Certificate or 5 years complex support needs

Outcome Expectation

A successful CDSW will be measured through the provision of services as per Rehoboth policy and service delivery, in addition to client, family and employee satisfaction.

  • Life Direction Plan is followed as indicated by correct documentation and observation
  • Client Rights are maintained as indicated by no founded abuse allegations
  • Positive engagement with clients as observed and indicated by documentation
  • Shift responsibilities are completed as observed and indicated by documentation
  • Attendance at scheduled shifts
  • Documentation is complete and accurate
  • Has good relationship with co-workers and supervisors as indicated by conflict resolution
  • Engages with Rehoboth as indicated through observation of work enthusiasm, participation and initiation

Current Openings



Dependent on relevant education and/or experience; wage range: $16.15 to $19.87 per hour; Sleep Rate: $15.00 per hour; 

Start Date



  • COMP #20-00 - RELIEF -  Various hours within various programs in Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Edmonton & Parkland County


Stony Plain Openings

  • COMP #20-027 - 44 hrs per week / Monday 1400- 2100 / Tuesday 1300-2100 / Wednesday 1400-2200 / Thursday 1300-2200 / Sunday 0800-2000

Spruce Grove Openings

  • COMP #20-004 RES (Mar. ’19) - 27 hrs week/  (Monday through Thursday 1500-2000, Friday 1500-2200

  • COMP #20-006 RES -  16 hrs week/ Saturday 1000-1800, Sunday 1000-1800, personal care, Parkland County. 

  •  COMP #20-008 RES (Mar. ’19) - 18.5 hrs/week (Friday 1530-2200, Saturday 1000-2200) Class 4 required within 3 months

Edmonton Openings

  • COMP #20-002 RES (Mar. ’19) - 30 hrs/week (Monday through Friday 1600-2200)

  • COMP #20-003 RES (Mar. ’19) - contractual until September 12, 2019 20 WAKE OVERNIGHT 20 hrs week/ (Friday 2200-2400, Saturday 0000-0800, 2200-2400, Sunday 0000-0800) must have verified Nursing, HCA, or 5 years verified experience working with complex medical support needs

  • COMP #20-005 RES (Mar. ’19) - 24 hrs/week (Saturday & Sunday 0800-2000)

  • COMP #20-007 RES (Mar. ’19) - 22 hrs/week (Sunday 0900-1300, Friday 1600-2200, Saturday 1000-2200)
  • COMP #20-011 RES (Apr. ’19) - (Male preferred) 30 WAKE hrs week (Monday through Friday 1600-2200) experience working with seizure and behaviors

  • COMP #20-012 RES (Apr. ’19) - (Male preferred) 24 WAKE hrs week (Saturday & Sunday 0900-2100) experience working with seizure and behaviors

  • COMP #20-014  RES (Apr. ’19) - (Male preferred) OVERNIGHT  11 WAKE hrs week, 12 SLEEP hrs week (Friday through Sunday 2200-0900, ends Sunday at 0900) experience working with seizure and behaviors

  • COMP # 20-016- 30 hrs per week/ 1600-2200 / Monday to Friday

  • COMP #20-017 RES (Apr. ’19) (Saturday & Sunday)

  • COMP #20-018 RESPITE (relief) -  (Male preferred) 12 hrs/week  (Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday 1000-1400,3.5 hrs alternating Saturdays 0930-1300 flexible)

  • COMP #20-019- ON CALL-  RES (Apr.’19) (Monday to Thursday 1630-0830, ending Friday at 0830)

  • COMP # 20-023  - 25hrs per week - 1700-2200 / Monday to Friday

  • COMP # 20-024 - 22hrs per week - Sunday 0900-1700 / Tuesday & Wednesday 1700-2100 / Friday 1500-2100

  • COMP # 20-026 - 20hrs per week (10 wake / 10 sleep) - Friday & Saturday Overnights 2200-0800

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