For nearly 40 years Rehoboth Camp Ministry has served campers and families with vacation and respite services.  The reason that this can occur is because of the volunteer commitment.  What happens is that campers and volunteers for one incredible week at a time get to make memories.  For the campers, families, and volunteers this out pouring of love and support is simply called “Camp”

“Camp” is one of those words that have special meaning in the lives of those who experience it.  It brings back all the emotions and feelings that were so special.  “Camp” is timeless. “Camp” is ageless. “Camp” is more than an event; “Camp” is an emotion, a feeling, a memory, a smile, and even a tear.  

“Camp” means something to our clients as well.  In particular we have 2 clients that have a special relationship with “Camp” that has developed over the past several years.

These clients are John McRea and Jack Feth.  These men love camp and if allowed would spend their entire summer at “Camp”

John works in our Stony Plain office as a Maintenance Person.  John was challenged to come to camp one year to help out with the Maintenance and upkeep of Camp during a week of Client Camp several years ago.  John reluctantly agreed and the rest as they say is history.  John fell in love with “Camp.”  During the past 5 years John has assisted the Camp Program in many ways in his capacity as a Maintenance Person.  He has been onsite to welcome the Work Bee Participants from West High school and Parkland Immanuel from Edmonton.  He has also worked at our R&R Week.  John is always ready at moment’s notice to come to Camp to work on odd jobs and pitch in.  We thank John for his love of “camp” and look forward to many more years.

Jack was a Camper at Independent Week for several years.  As Jack learned about Camp one of his personal goals was to become a Counsellor in Training.  Since that time he has worked at Camp as a Volunteer rather than a Camper.  Jack has been part of the Camp Volunteer Staff now for 5 years.  Jack enjoys the responsibility of helping our Campers to have a “good week at Camp.”  We are proud of jack and his accomplishments and look forward to having him be part of “Camp”