Board of Directors

The Rehoboth Board of Directors is the governing body of the Rehoboth Christian Ministries Association and, through its Executive Director, ensures that the day-to-day work of the organization is carried out in a professional, caring manner, employing Christian stewardship principles. Currently, the Rehoboth Board is comprised of:

Member Position Residence
Sheldon Kok President   St. Albert
Johan Knol Vice-President Coalhurst
Stefan Dykema Treasurer Calgary
Joy Monsma Secretary Spruce Grove
Wendy Abma Director Calgary
Jim Beusekom Director Fort Macleod
Bob Dykstra Director Burdett
Janet Postma Director Red Deer


Operationally, leadership is provided by:

Member Contact Position
Ron Bos [email protected] Executive Director
Debbie Dietz [email protected] Director of Asset Management
Karen Faint [email protected] Director of Client Services
Janice Gerbrandt [email protected] Director of Corporate Services

Constitution & Bylaws

Rehoboth Christian Ministries Constitution & Bylaws