Why Become A Member?

A Member is someone interested in supporting the work of Rehoboth Christian Ministries, and who has a personal faith in Jesus Christ as presented in our Statement of Faith.

Your support as a Member enables Rehoboth to carry out its Christian mandate by:

  • Supporting individuals with disabilities and their families through the development and delivery of effective programs and services
  • Advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Educating and raising public awareness of the needs, rights and abilities of people who live with disabilities
  • Promoting itself as a major Christian service provider with outcomes-based operations in five of the six Persons with Developmental Disabilities regions in Alberta

As a Member, you are entitled to:

  • Voting privileges on business presented at the Annual General Meeting (held in June) and at any specially called meetings
  • Receive regular updates describing Rehoboth’s work

The strength and bonds of family and community are fundamental aspects of Rehoboth’s Christian foundation and our service delivery. As such, we encourage our church families to enroll each family member as a Member of Rehoboth.  Children and young people are the future of Rehoboth, and we hope and pray God will continue to bless Rehoboth through them and through the generations.

(Children under the age of 18 are non-voting members.)

Online Membership Application Coming Soon!