The services provided by Rehoboth in communities across Alberta are described as follows:

Residential Services

Rehoboth provides home environments in a variety of settings with supports as required. Each home is designed to encourage skill training and acquisition, promote social interaction and spiritual growth, ensuring that each individual reaches their maximum potential.

Vocational Services

Rehoboth provides flexible and realistic work environments in which individuals may discover and develop their interests and aptitudes, learn appropriate work and social habits, and pursue their vocational ambitions.

Relief Services

Rehoboth provides Relief Services for families with an individual who has a disability by providing supports in the families home or with a host family. Relief Services strive to meet the families relief requirements for short term relief, vacation and emergency needs.

Outreach Services

Outreach Services provides supports to individuals living within their own home with a focus on the development of living skills and personal care that will lead to enhanced self esteem and increased independence. The level of support is determined by the needs of the individual, but 24 hour supervision is not required.


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